September 11, 2001

Cheney Panics Over Sept 11 Congressional Investigation
"Let one happen. Stop the rest."

  "On Sept. 10.... a group of top Pentagon officials suddenly cancelled travel plans for the next morning, apparently because of security concerns."
Newsweek 24 September 2001    local link

  "Dick Cheney was on the line, and it wasn't to chitchat. The vice president rarely calls the Senate leader a Democrat he dismisses as an 'obstructionist' so Tom Daschle knew the topic was important when he hurried into his Capitol office. What he heard was a plea, and a warning. The Senate will soon launch hearings on why we weren't prepared for, and warned about, September 11. The intelligence committee will study the matter, but mostly behind closed doors. Cheney was calling to pre-emptively protest public hearings by other committees. If the Democrats insisted, Bush administration officials might say they re too busy running the war on terrorism to show up. Press the issue, Cheney implied, and you risk being accused of interfering with the mission. Daschle was noncommittal and, after the call, unmoved. 'Intelligence is just a piece of it,' he said. 'People need to know what happened......"
Newsweek magazine, 4 February 2002     local link

"[A US naval intelligence officer] says he retrieved [a document] describing impending terrorist attacks in the United States, naming Osama bin Laden as an agent and the World Trade Center and the Pentagon as likely targets......"
Frank' magazine, Canada, 16 October, 2001
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"While revelations from the Enron probe could be embarrassing to the White House, revelations concerning the terrorist attack could prove to be devastating..... The American public remains blissfully unaware the Bush administration's policies concerning Afghanistan and Osama bin Laden just prior to September 11. If these allegations are aired in Congressional hearings on CSPAN, the Bush administration will have a much bigger scandal on its hands than Enron..."
The Daily Brew, 30 Jan 2002
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  To understand why Cheney is in a panic over this emerging situation check out the following links

Canadian TV program openly questions official version of 9/11 attacks - Watch Real Video Recording - Click here     local link

"Delmart Edward 'Mike' Vreeland, an American citizen whose claims to being a US Naval Lieutenant assigned to the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) are being increasingly corroborated in open court, has been in a Canadian jail since December 6, 2000. On August 11 or 12 of 2001, the date is uncertain, after trying to verbally alert his Canadian jailers to the coming World Trade Center attacks, he wrote down key information and sealed it in an envelope which he then had placed in jailers custody. This event is not disputed by Canadian authorities. The letter specifically listed a number of targets including The Sears Towers, The World Trade Center, The White House, The Pentagon, The World Bank, The Canadian parliament building in Ottawa and the Royal Bank in Toronto. A chilling sentence follows the list of targets, 'Let one happen. Stop the rest!!!' When the envelope was opened on September 14th it set off alarms in the US and Canada.... All of this is a part of the court record."
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"The admission that the death of a Canadian diplomat in Moscow was murder may lend credence to the fantastic story arising from an extradition case in Toronto, in which a man claiming to be a US Naval intelligence officer says he warned the RCMP and CSIS of the September 11 attacks months in advance......Among the Russian documents Vreeland says he retrieved was one describing impending terrorist attacks in the United States, naming Osama bin Laden as an agent and the World Trade Center and the Pentagon as likely targets...... If his claim is true, then why is the US hounding this man, and why does he fear for his life if he is extradited? Perhaps because Russian foreknowledge of September 11th is a can of worms best left unopened."
'Frank' magazine, Canada, 16 October, 2001
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Is this claim True? Well here's what the head of the Russian airforce said on Sept 12!

"Generally it is impossible to carry out an act of terror on the scenario which was used in the USA yesterday. We had such facts too.  As soon as something like that happens here, I am reported about that right away and in a minute we are all up.
Commander-in-Chief of Russian Airforce, Anatoli Kornukov
Pravda online: 18:50 2001-09-12     local link

Suicide Air Attacks Were Anticipated well before September 11

"Immediately after the crash [in 1994], intelligence sources concurred that the flight was most probably flown as a 'Proof of Concept', designed to thoroughly test Washington s air defenses and expose possible flaws. If the Cessna 150L managed to strike the White House wall directly, the concept would be considered proven, perhaps paving the way for later attacks using heavier aircraft loaded with munitions. In this respect the flight was a complete success."
The  9/11 You Were Never Told About
     local link
Joe Vialls, January 2002

(following the above incident)
"The United States Secret Service is recognized as, and is, the most effective protective security organization in the world.... In its Classified Report, the Review made eleven major recommendations. Six of these are set forth below. The remaining five recommendations pertain to issues such as improving the monitoring of the restricted air space around the White House Complex.... The Review recommends that representatives from the Department of the Treasury (including the Secret Service) and the Department of Transportation (including the FAA) convene to consider a variety of changes to the
civil air traffic rules that would enhance the security of the White House Complex.... [over whose restricted airspace flew the plane which hit the Pentagon September 11, 2001 after being hijacked for 3/4 hour or more !!!! - nlpwessex]"
Public Report of the White House Security Review
     local link

"U.S. and Italian officials were warned in July that Islamic terrorists might attempt to kill President Bush and other leaders by crashing an airliner into the Genoa summit of industrialized nations, officials said Wednesday.... Italian officials took the reports seriously enough to prompt extraordinary precautions during the July summit of the Group of 8 nations, including closing the airspace over Genoa and stationing antiaircraft guns at the city's airport..... the reports suggest that Western governments were aware that terrorists might one day use a hijacked airplane as a suicide weapon--as they did Sept. 11 in attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.......The Genoa warning was disclosed last week by Italian Deputy Prime Minister Gianfranco Fini..... In any case, the possibility of suicide hijackings has been known to U.S. counter-terrorism officials for several years...... In 1996, a terrorist captured in Manila told Philippine police that Al Qaeda planned to hijack 11 U.S. airliners simultaneously and to fly a plane into CIA headquarters near Washington."
Los Angeles Times, 27 September 2001
     local link

"Through much of the summer, Tenet [Director of CIA] had grown increasingly troubled by the prospect of a major terrorist attack against the United States... Everywhere he went, the message was the same: Something big is coming... The previous month [Aug 2001], the FBI has asked the CIA and the National Security Agency to run phone traces on Moussaoui [the missing 20th hijacker on Sept 11], already the subject of a five-inch-thick file in the bureau..."
Washington Post, 27 January 2002
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* [What the Washington Post doesn't mention - in this interesting admission that the CIA knew the attacks were coming - is that a special CIA/FBI panel prohibited investigations into Moussaoui's computer before Sept 11. Head of counter-terrorism at the FBI, John O'Neill, resigned last August in protest at efforts by the Bush Administration to block FBI investingations into bin Laden.
     local link Let's remember what the US intelligence officer in Canada said 'Let one happen. Stop the rest', nlpwessex
"Jean-Charles Brisard, who wrote a report on bin Laden's finances for the French intelligence agency DST and is co-author of Hidden Truth, met O'Neill several times last summer. He complained bitterly that the US State Department - and behind it the oil lobby who make up President Bush's entourage - blocked attempts to prove bin Laden's guilt."
Irish Times, 19 Nov 2002
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"The main suspect in US custody .... had been picked up by immigration authorities in August but the FBI refused to let its field agents search his laptop computer which contained clues as to the September 11 mission....."
London Times, 3 November 2001] *
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"The author Salman Rushdie believes that US authorities knew of an imminent terrorist strike when they banned him from taking internal flights in Canada and the US only a week before the attacks....The FAA [Federal Aviation Administration] told the author's publisher that US intelligence had given warning of 'something out there' but failed to give any further details...."

London Times, 27 September 2001,,2001330019-2001334144,00.html

"On Sept. 10, NEWSWEEK has learned, a group of top Pentagon officials suddenly canceled travel plans for the next morning, apparently because of security concerns."
Newsweek 24 Sept 2001
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Why were none of the aircraft on Sept 11 intercepted despite prior knowledge?

" no case was there apparently enough time after the FAA's warning for fighter planes to reach the hijacked airliners. More puzzling, there were 45 minutes between air traffic controllers losing contact with the third airliner, which took off from Dulles airport just outside Washington, and its crash on to the Pentagon."
Daily Telegraph, London, 16 September 2001;$sessionid$52PMOXQAADW5PQFIQMGSFFOAVCBQWIV0?xml=/news/2001/09/16/wcia16.xml&s
     local link

"Terrorists could not have carried out such an operation with 4 hijacked planes without the support of a secret service."
Horst Ehmke, former coordinator of West German secret services
"Euro Intel Experts Dismiss 'War On Terrorism' As Deception" - American Free Press - 4 Dec 2001
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Why would anyone want to 'let one happen'?

"Robert Stinnett, who served in the U.S. Navy with distinction during World War II, examines recently declassified American documents and concludes that, far more than merely knowing of the Japanese plan to bomb Pearl Harbor, Roosevelt deliberately steered Japan into war with America.... Stinnett's argument draws..... on American governmental documents that offer apparently incontrovertible proof that Roosevelt knowingly sacrificed American lives in order to enter the war on the side of England."
Day of Deceit : The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor     local link
by Robert B. Stinnett

more on the Pearl Harbor approach to 'Let one happen'     local link
"...everything that the Japanese were planning to do was known to the United States..."

"....The intercept summaries from Station CAST on Corregidor Island were current .... and they were clear: Pearl Harbor would be attacked on December 7, 1941, by Japanese forces advancing through the Central and North Pacific Oceans. As I explained to a policy forum audience at The Independent Institute in Oakland, California -- which was telecast nationwide by C-SPAN on July 4th last year -- my research shows that not only were Kimmel and Short cut off from the Japanese communications intelligence pipeline, so were the American people. The coverup lasted for nearly 59 years."
     local link
Providence Journal, 7 Dec 2002     local link

"The unread news today is that the 'war against terrorism' is being exploited in order to achieve objectives that consolidate American power."
John Pilger, 9 Oct 2001
     local link

"The CPC [Caspian Pipeline Consortium] project also advances my Administrations National Energy Policy by developing a network of multiple Caspian pipelines ....... These projects will help diversify U.S. energy supply and enhance our energy security, while supporting global economic growth."
George Bush, White House Press Release, 28 Nov 2001
     local link

Afghanistan and access to the Capsian Sea     local link

".... The terrorists attacked the World Trade Center, and we will defeat them by expanding and encouraging world trade. In order to help me expand world trade, I've asked the Congress to give me what's called trade promotion authority -- the ability to seek America's interests around the world."

George Bush, speech at California Business Association Breakfast, Sacramento Memorial Auditorium
Sacramento, California, October 17, 2001
     local link

"To say that September 11 has been good for Bush is an understatement. It has been a gift of which a President can only dream..."
London Times, 30 Jan 2002, p14
     local link

"Is it O.K. to talk about the recount yet? It wasn't the right time on September 10th, because the University of Chicago's National Opinion Research Center had only just finished organizing the data gleaned from its meticulous examination of a hundred and seventy-five thousand uncounted Florida ballots. It wasn't on September 12th, because the news organizations that had commissioned the study were otherwise occupied.... Maybe it'll never be the right time. But what the hell. Let's talk about it turned matter what standard or combination of standards is applied, Al Gore got a handful more votes than George W. Bush."
The New Yorker, 17 Dec 2001     local link

CIA provided funds to financiers of Sept 11 bomber - click here

What is the real 911 agenda and why is it not being discussed in public?

"....[After September 11] the CIA seized the initiative ahead of the Pentagon to shape the war in Afghanistan....The CIA... had been piecing together a strategy [about fighting bin Laden] before September 11 [see 'Let one happen. Stop the rest' above, nlpwessex].... Mr Tenet unveiled a detailed plan to the war Cabinet.... Mr Tenet also spoke of covert CIA operations in 80 countries - a Worldwide Attack Matrix.... Mr Rumsfeld and Mr Wolfowitz had been examining military options for Iraq for months..."
'Hour-by-hour' account of the White House's reaction to September 11
London Times, 2 February 2002,,2002050001-2002054470,00.html
     local link

Iraqgate Phase III - Texan Congressman speaks of 'Forbidden Truth'     local link

"Enron might be getting all the press, but there is another Congressional investigation revving up that promises to be far more treacherous for the Bush Administration. Over the course of the past several weeks, heads of both the House and Senate intelligence committees have been meeting to plan a bipartisan House-Senate investigation into the events of September 11. While revelations from the Enron probe could be embarrassing to the White House, revelations concerning the terrorist attack could prove to be devastating. Thanks to the saturation coverage by the corporate media, the public is already well versed in the basic facts likely to be uncovered in the various Enron hearings..... The fact is, the Enron cat is already out of the bag.....
So why is the White House so willing to take the slings and arrows for Enron, when the damage from the scandal has already been done? Perhaps they are simply laying the groundwork for fighting off a larger scandal.
The American public remains blissfully unaware the Bush administration's policies concerning Afghanistan and Osama bin Laden just prior to September 11. If these allegations are aired in Congressional hearings on CSPAN, the Bush administration will have a much bigger scandal on its hands than Enron... In the end, the Bush administration's decision to fight the GAO ensures that the limits of Congress' power to investigate both the Enron debacle, and the events leading up to September 11, will be decided by the Supreme Court. At a minimum, this will buy the Bush administration time. It also means that the ultimate arbiters of what information, if any, the Bush administration must make public will be decided by the same five jurists who put Bush in the White House, holding that the very act of counting American ballots would have caused Bush 'irreparable harm.' Perhaps this Court, the Bush administration's ace in the hole, is what makes them think the fight is worth it. "
The Daily Brew, 30 Jan 2002
     local link

Demand a full and open public 911 inquiry now!

"We do not meet our responsibilities to the American people if we do not take an honest look at the federal government and all of its agencies and let the country know what went wrong. The best assurance that there's not another terrorist attack on the United States is not simply to hire more federal agents or spend more money. It's to take an honest look at what went wrong. Who or what failed? There's an explanation owed to the American people."
Senator Robert Torricelli of New Jersey, CNN news report 29 Jan 2002
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Public outcry grows for open investigation into the events of 9-11
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Inquiry movement growing
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Citizens march to Feinstein's office to demand open investigation into 9-11
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March in San Francisco to demand open investigation into 9-11
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Hot - Sign here Online petition for open investigation into 9-11
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Don't let this happen

Bush Asks Senate Leader to Limit Congressional Investigation into September 11
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Don't let this happen

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